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I was born on a cool june 27th evening way back in 1951, that is still hard for me to believe.  Especially when I see my classmates and realize that they are much older than I.  I was the 3rd child of 10 and the first son, for you home shrinks.
I worked at an early age, always involved in real estate.   Porters have been appraising and selling property in this territory for over 176 years.  Alexander Porter sold 2 pieces of property in 1836, and the government was still giving property away, he must have been something.
I Lotted off my first subdivision at 12.  I kept Lester Johnson in brick and mortar one Saturday at 16, no one man had ever done that before, Lester could lay brick faster than anyone I ever saw.  
Played high school football, was ok, shook the BEARS hand, but did not get the nod.  Joined the USMC in 1975 and was a Military policeman.  After the service I came back to small town Alabama.  was a real estate broker in the family business Porter Realty Co. 
Start Packing When You  List with Porter.  Well, I was in charge of the appraisals end of the business, and this of course was before the knighthood of the appraisal profession in 1991.
I went strictly appraisal in 1992 and was doing appraisals on a type writer trying to make the lines match up. Some Of you know what I mean.
I was bound and determined to build a first class appraisal business, and trained alot of people.  Well, I never believe much in paper, and you can not contract a lie.  So I got burned alot of times will the broken promise.  My plan was simple build a company in districts and give each person a district as they became certified.  LOL. Well, one man was worth his word and it is good to know that some people can be trusted on their word.  But it is a shame that so many can not. 
   So, I found myself having to start over,  but I am a pretty good teacher I think, or maybe I have just had a lot of experience.
From here on there is no quarter asked, nor given. 
Well things were just starting to turn positive when I was ambushed by the appraisal board of Alabama.   As if, she came swinging down out of the trees on a vine, screaming like a eagle wearing those multi colored clothes that do not match that she wears so often, trying to hide that BUTT that's  as big as Texas.   Now ya'll have to remember in my opinion she made this personal, she ruined my life on purpose, to help her friend who was my competition.      This was on 2004,  I had appraised a house on Zinn Parkway here in Anniston Alabama.   PUT a TAB  right here, we will return to this point, but first I have to give you some back ground on this case.   The appraiser that did a field review on this property is my direct competition and his report was full of incorrect information.  I wrote a letter Demanding my right to an investigation into this bogus review.  I mean one comp was a foreclosure, one comp had wrong sales price by 10K.
I booked this 1100 S/F home that had been remodeled inside at 53K , he cut it to 26k.  Totally incorrrect, AND the appraisal board refused to even investigate his review.  As a matter of fact when I asked for the investigation she was sitting there and all of a sudden you would have thought I said, Jesus smoked dope.   She said in arrogance DO YOU THINK xxxxx made a mistake???    You could tell she thought the appraiser was great appraiser and I was nothing.  Alot of wrong things here.  Number one the director of the board is playing favorites.  SHE Refused to INVESTIGATGE.  So the lender that had ordered the appraisal terminated me from their approved list, and the appraiser that did the review was a l0ng time employee of the lender before he decided to go into the appraisal business.  Now the question arises if the lender put  him in the appraisal business and specifically to do the majority of the lenders work.  How did this new appraiser get to be certified so quickly, And grew t0 11 appraiser office in a small southern town.  I think the governor needs to investigate the lender and determine if indeed the law was broken and the Federal Government needs to take a look also.    I will be scanning in, the letter from Gov Riley and the letter to the board. But , then he is so busy cahsing those grandmothers away from the bingo halls.      Maybe more tomorrow or later today
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