Southland Appraisers UNION
Polar Bear VS Appraiser,
Who will be the 1st to go?
There has been much to-do about the polar bear and the possibility of it's extinction, however not a word about the appraiser.  Both spend their time in unfriendly waters just trying to survive and do the right thing. All you hear about is the bear that goes on a rampage and kills someone that was just wanting to pat him on the
head. The real estate appraisers have been with no support and very little influence
since conception. So before you try and pat the appraiser on the head, you might
realize that by far, most are honorable people trying to do the right thing. Our
responsibility is to protect the buyer, seller, lender and mortgage. We are not
scientist, we are appraisers WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR HOUSE IS WORTH..
We can only tell you, that in my opinion, from past performance the market has
indicated your house is worth x.
Well I am giving the Appraiser a 2 to 1 odds, but we need your help.

FOCUS is on the Federal level. The Federal gave birth to this child and then said, I
will give you no support., I will make you responsible for everything, and I will pass
no law to make sure you are paid for you work.
Alabama Appraisal Board voted
worst in the Nation.
There appears to be no motivation for anything of reason
coming from the appraisal board director. This is my opinion is
a clear definition of over promotion. A promotion with little regard for the appointment.
Alabama NOW charges a $200 tax to go to work in the
appraisal business even as a trainee. Also charge a $200 tax to
hire someone in the appraisal business. To my knowledge the
ONLY state in the Union that charges people to go to work in
this field, are REALTORS next IN ALABAMA.
An Appraisal board should be here to :
1. Education
2. Support
3. Discipline
The Alabama Appraisal Staff, to my knowledge has never done a
single action that was aimed at supporting the appraiser. When
an appraiser is put out of business because of bogus field review
and the board would not even investigate the event. It is time
that someone did something. SO I am doing something,
Soon there will be comedy videos of the comedy of errors in the
Alabama Appraisal Board office. So tell us your stories, it
doesn't matter if it happened in California or New York, we
will display the event so it will be known. I am sure that with
this declaration of WAR on the Appraisal Board will result in
attacks on my character, but oh yeah they have already ruined
me . My story is coming on the website.
Me, I am George Joshua Porter III
Alabama Certified Appraiser R00359 and an honorable appraiser.

Thanks, All Help Appreciated