Some say Union is too strong a word
     I say it is time for a loud voice.
Southland  Appraisers
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ALABAMA   Contest of the WEEK, $300 prize for the best before Gov. Riley and now photos of Welborn Cabinet. 
Were going to be
Going to be
Tell me about your state level situation.
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An Appraiser stands alone and has no support from any government body.  We are blamed for every financial problem since 1992 when we first became official.  Until we get some kind of unity going we will continue to be exploited and belittled.   THIS site will grow into a Union of invitation only appraisers, but it is going to have start out getting attention.   That is why there is nowhere to even join right now.  My life has been ruined, totally unfairly and unjustifiably.  Comedy Videos, emails to every politcian and financial officer.   SO get involved tell me your true stories, and your ideas.    
1. Form a  group of unknown  appraisers, for their protection. I am going to work and build this Union, So help if you can.
2. Build an ongoing list of lenders that ARE  not approved but the Union.  To include  messages from members that have not been treated fairly by the lender.  And possible listing of lender on GREENLIST.  PAID at the door only.
3.  Make the federal government aware of the situation they have created for the appraiser.  Hopefully to include physical representation at meetings of consequence,  in Washington or wherever.
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4.  As we grow in numbers we will have legal representatives to handle the federal level.  I can not explain to you the importance of starting this Union NOW.  We have some hard times ahead the sooner we stand the sooner we gain the respect we deserve as professionals.  
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Tennessee  Contest,
$100 prize for the best analysis of the value of the Politican finishing the walking  bridge that started directly across the street from his new apartment/condo complex? Before completion of the apartments.  Tennessee revoked an appraiser certification AFTER he had left the state, for not notifing the board of a change of address, to  fine him. 
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