Here is what this site
     is FORCED to become.
This is going to be like a Ralph Nader on Steroids. It is NOT my job to be nice or polite, it is my job to make things right.  I am working for the appraisers in the USA.  A MAD Marine.
Help Me Stand Up For US
Alabama is the only State in the country that charges a tax on appraisers to hire a person to work as a trainee and learn the profession. AND  Also charge the person to learn. the Govenor may not have known what is going on but it is on his watch, and he will soon know.  As will Washington, and every state in the union.
Coming Soon  the Alabama Appraisal Board staff showing what over promotion and the bliss of ignorance can do.
MarqueeHelp spread the word to appraisers all over the USA, I need your help for this to work. 
Were going to be
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So pledge one appraisal fee a YEAR, pay however you want.  You will never be billed,  this is an honor thing.