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After the way the Governor has sold out the entire profession of real estate appraisers, I have little faith. He was shunned by President Obama. And is now charging an appraiser $200 to train a person for a job and he is charging the person that wants to learn a new job $200 also. THIS IS ABOVE ALL application fees...THE ONLY STATE IN THE UNION THAT CHARGES THEIR APPRAISERS TO GIVE SOMEONE A JOB. The appraisal Board Staff in my opinioon is lead by the totally incompetent, a secretary that knows nothing of appraisals , and can not even keep up with a month newsletter, now it is quarterly... 100 years from now they Will STill be saying the BEST THING TO COME OUT OF CLAY COUNTY is those little green yellow meated watermelons..................JUNE 5TH 2010.